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Cheating heart or sex addiction?

Cheating heart or sex addiction?


Sex Addiction the New Excuse for Infidelity?” ~Medical experts divided on how to diagnose sexual compulsive behavior. Controversial findings link sex addiction to infidelity. (December 2012)

Suddenly, I found myself having an affair with not just one but three other men. I put my desires before the needs of my children and my husband,” says Rachel, who was diagnosed with sexual compulsive behavior.

College Students at Risk for Stalking”~Daniel a student at Paradise Valley Community College and a victim of a campus stalker tells her story. The article also reveals the latest research findings and statistics on stalking, including a 2010 study conducted by The Stalking Resource Center and The office on Violence Against Women. (March 2011)

“Why did he choose me? He’s delusional, telling people we have slept together and we never even dated,” says Daniel who speaks about her frightening experience with a stalker.

“The New Macho Redefines Masculinity“~ Traditional male roles struggle to exist in today’s changing society because of a gender gap in which women are far outpacing men in the areas of education and employment. (May 2011)

Today, the traditional macho stereotype no longer serves society anymore,” says Ray Williams, Co-founder of Success IQ University.

“Men who earn less cheat more in love“ This story reveals interesting data about the role that income plays in infidelity. The study, “The effect of Relative Income Disparity on Infidelity for Men and Women,” conducted by Christin L. Munsch, sociology Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University. (December 2010)

I was most surprised to find that the relationship between economic dependency and infidelity was not linear. On one end of the spectrum, making less money than a female partner may threaten men’s gender identity. However at the other end of the spectrum men who make a lot more money than their partners may be in jobs that offer more opportunties for cheating. ” says Munsch.


College counselor shares his thoughts on inner peace and happiness ~Fred Wieck, M.S., Paradise Valley Community College adjunct counselor offers his 23 years of counseling experience to help students deal with life’s difficult situations. (April 2011)

The world we live in is so chaotic that people can get disconnected from their own hearts,” says Wieck.

“Literary Latte Paranormal romance author Tina Gerow, who balances her writing with a full life of working as a Starbucks barista, writer, mother and wife. (May 2010)

I remember one of my English teachers told me to stop writing the “weird stuff” because it would never sell. That ‘weird stuff’ has been selling my books,” says Gerow.


Earning Their Stripes“~Local Phoenix veterinarian viewed as a hero in the eyes of war veterans. Dr Burnham’s non-profit organization Soldier’s Best Friend partners homeless animals with war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain disorder. (October 2011)

“After practicing veterinary medicine for 28 years I saw the number of dogs who were being rescued and not getting placed into homes, says Burnham.  “I couldn’t think of a better cause than to combine these animals with our war veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Driven by a Passion for Animals” ~ When Bill Jacobs retired from his electrical engineering career several years ago, he knew he wanted to spend his free days making a difference in the lives of homeless animals-and that’s exactly what Jacobs has done. Jacobs turned his passion into a mission by volunteering medical assistance and dedicating his time to animals that are waiting in shelters hoping to find their “forever home.” (November 2011)

“I can’t think of anything more rewarding than to help an animal who doesn’t have a warm home to cuddle up in at night,” says Jacobs.

“Innovative breed-rescue group is revolutionizing the way people adopt pets“~ Westside German Shepherd Rescue was started by Robin Jampol.  Located in Los Angeles, WSGR unveiled the new 11,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, which includes a full-service veterinary clinic; a “Doogie Day Spa” and a professional kitchen where special diets and meals are prepared.  The facility focuses on property matching dogs and people, using a new profile-based match making system. (November 2011)

Dogs play a very important role in our emotional well-being,” says Dr. Ron Gershman, psychiatrist and executive director at WGSR.  “When we rescue, we are just saving the dog, we also are saving ourselves.”


Pet rescue groups rally in five-hour adoption event ~“Adopt Don’t Shop,” was the theme on Saturday, March 10, at the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition’s Spring Fling Pet Adoption.  Phoenix Animal Care, known as PACC911, and over 70 other animal rescue groups gathered together under crisp white tents at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Phoenix in hopes of finding loving homes for animals that have been left behind as a result of the economic downturn and increase in home foreclosures. (March 2012)

“We started our event about 10 a.m., but I heard the bell go off at least three times prior to the beginning of the event,” says Tia Sylvis, vice president and event coordinator of PACC911.

“Home for the Holidays” ~ This holiday season, you can help save the life of a homeless animal by participating in Arizona Humane Society’s  “Home for the Holidays: Give the Gift of Hope Drive.” AHS is hoping you will help them combat this community crisis by supporting its goal of finding a “forever home” for the animals waiting at AHS. (November 2011)

In the past year, I have seen tremendous heartache and tremendous joy all in the same day,” says Bretta Nelson, public relations manager of the Arizona Humane Society. “Often times, I go home at night and there is my 10-year-old black lab nestled in four or five pillows on the couch sound asleep,” says Nelson. “And I often catch myself telling her, ‘Maddie, you know, not everyone has it quite as good as you do,’ She typically raises her gray muzzle, gives me a kiss as if to thank me, and then drifts off back to sleep. I can’t help but think of all of the homeless pets who will be spending the night in the shelter.”

“Take a bite out of pet expenses”~Valley pet facilities including animal rescue organizations  offer discounts or free services to pet owners. (November 2010)

It was a hot summer day in July 2008. I was an unemployed college student waiting in my vet’s office when my veterinarian gave me the diagnosis that my 9-year-old male Maltese dog named Bogey had canine diabetes. Seeing the stark reality of my financial situation reflected in Bogey’s soulful eyes immediately sent thoughts of hopelessness racing through my mind. I quickly searched for answers to questions such as how would I be able to afford the medical treatment required to maintain Bogey’s quality of life?


  • 2011 Award in Journalism from Paradise Valley Community College for Report on Campus Stalking, published in the 2012 Paradise Review.
  • Awarded Honorable Mention for personal memior “My Empty Mirror” published in the 2011 Paradise Review.

“My Empty Mirror”

The sound of my cell phone ringing woke me from my deep slumber and quickly plunged me into tragic reality. The ring brought with it a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was the voice I did not want to hear.”


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