Five Fresh Ways to Find Love


By Rosalie
Editor Lynx Magazine

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and with spring just around the corner, chances are Cupid is practicing his aim. So, if you are ready to let that membership to the lonely hearts club expire, but still find yourself asking these questions: “Where do I meet single people when I don’t like bars or clubs?”  “My friends say I am too picky, but I refuse to settle. How can I ever find true love?”   Then grab your bow and arrow and follow these steps to find your true love.

Answers to these questions are exactly what Phoenix love coach, Joann Cohen, provides to her clients. Cohen teachers her clients the art of flirting and how to attract the love you are looking for. Speaking one-on-one with a love coach will give you a fresh perspective on seeking out your soul mate. 

This summer Paradise Valley Community College will offer a class on flirting and online dating (dates to be announced). Love coach, Cohen, will be teaching the class. She will show her students how to design their personal profile for online dating, she says. Cohen will also give her students tips on how to flirt and find love on the Internet.  

“The Internet is a great way of meeting people,” Cohen explains, “and college is the ideal environment for finding that someone special.

You are surrounded by more singles than at any other time in your life.” 

Sometimes the simplest adjustments work the best. For example, a friend of my neighbor always stopped at the coffeehouse across from her work to pick up her morning java and a paper. However, one day, she decided to take a mental health day and went to a coffeehouse across from her residence. There she met an extremely attractive and available man who, as it turns out, has lived in her neighborhood for the past year. They now enjoy their coffee together at that neighborhood coffeehouse and have what they call a love-at-first-sight romance. So the moral to this tip is shake it up boys and girls. Stray from your normal route, and you and your true love might cross paths.

The old saying “home is where the heart is” may be cliché; however, family members can add to your dating network. Since they know your personality so well, they may be able to provide you with some good dating prospects.

Haley, the manager of a Starbucks located in the Northwest Valley, found her husband via the old-fashioned way: with the help of her mom.

“My mom hooked us up,” Haley says of how she met her true love. “I never dreamed I would like a guy that my mom picked out. It was love at first sight.”

The man who became Haley’s husband worked for her parents. Both Haley and her hubby shared mutual friends but never met until her mom introduced them one fateful day. Haley and her husband have been happily married for several years.

Here is another way to even up the odds of finding that special someone. Think about expanding your playing field. Cohen encourages her clients to “look at the interests of the type of person you want to meet. What would be his or her hobbies or activities?”  

Then she suggests that you do some brainstorming on what types of places or events they would visit, and that is where you go.

Here is a nice follow-up story to this advice. A female friend of mine, Tina, was encouraged by her brother to attend football games.

There, he assured her the stands would be filled with many eligible males. She contacted her brother’s friend Jerry, who was selling his season tickets for a discounted price. When Jerry learned that Tina was single and not familiar with the new sports stadium, he offered to escort her to the game. Tina recalls their conversation.

“When I first heard Jerry’s voice, I got a chill,” she said. “He sounded exactly like my first love. We had a great time at the game and have been dating for two years. We both joke that when we grow older, we will be just like those retired couples who travel across the country in an RV to attend all the spring training games.” 

For men, that translates into visiting some arts and craft fairs. For you ladies, it is time to head out to the ballpark for some peanuts, popcorn and a chance at catching your true love’s fly ball.


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